About Us

My name is Meg and I'm a life-long cat owner. I recall the most "magical" Christmas present I ever opened as a child was when I was three. It was my first kitten, and it was love at first sight. Looking back, the poor cat probably did not feel the same way toward me. I know I dragged her into many make-believe play activities she probably resented me for. It wasn't until I was older that I learned the honor of earning a cat's love. Later, during high school and college, I studied photography and psychology. I earned a bachelors degree in psychology from New York University and masters and doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from The University of Indianapolis. These may seem unrelated, but I am actually grateful for these experiences when it comes to running my cattery. For example, I use my photography skills to help take beautiful pictures of my cats, who by the way, have no interest in sitting still! As for my background in psychology, it helps me to understand the developmental and socialization needs of my kittens and to find homes that are a good match for them.

My partner (in life, and in my cattery) is Dan. He comes from a family of cat lovers and is deeply respectful of animals, to the point that he has become a vegetarian. He earned a bachelors in computer science at Miami University in Ohio. His technology skills have been extremely valuable in the setup and management of this website. His dedication to our cats also shows through in his continual help in caring for them on a daily basis. He's the one willing to put a coat over his robe and walk our manx in the dead of winter because she is begging at the door. He'll risk looking silly in order to keep us all happy and we love him for that.

Meg and non-pissed Sunny
Meg and Noel
Robed Dan walking Evil Emma
Dan and Sunny 'working'
Meg and Dan