Savannah Fun

Savannahs are endless fun around the house. Enjoy some pictures of the fun!

Sunny with the Christmas tree
Ivy on Dan's lap
Noel on the cable box
Dan holding Ivy
Sunny's ultimate joy
Sunny hunting wildebeasts
Odin the door-opener extraordinaire
Sunny chillin' in the kitchen
Jet in the sink
Water is Sunny's true love
Ivy looking out the window
Sunny in a box
Sunny in the sink
Noel, Odin, and Jet - The Lineup
The Lineup, Part 2
Noel and Ivy sitting in a cat tree
Sunny in his perch
Emma and Sunny sleeping
Sunny in a box
Noel, Odin, and Ivy cuddling
Odin playing with water
Noel blocking the TV
Ivy in a box
Sunny in the bathtub
Sunny in the car
Odin enjoying love
Noel napping
Sunny and Emma watching a squirrel