How to prepare for your new kitten

When a kitten first arrives to her new home she is likely to be nervous and unsure of her surroundings. Due to travel stress her immune system may be weakened as well. We therefore recommend a quarantine period of at least 7 days. She will need a small room, such as a bathroom, where she can slowly explore and get to know her new owners. Quarantine can end after 7 days and after she has been seen by a vet and been given a clean bill of health.

Prior to bringing your kitten home I recommend having:

Crinkle balls "Crinkle" balls
Catnip kicker toys Catnip "kickers"
Dressage whips Dressage whips
Catnip toys Catnip fish toys
Ball-in-track toy Ball-in-track toy
Spring toys Spring toys
Mylar cat teaser Mylar cat wand
Walking jacket Hyendry walking jacket