Available Kittens

Sorry, we are currently taking a break from breeding at this time. Thank you for your interest in the Savannah breed and in our cattery!


Prices vary based on several aspects of each kitten, but generally pricing is:

F2s: $5,000 - $6,000 for a pet

F3s: $2,500 - $3,000 for a pet

Breeder price: Add an additional $1,000 (Also, please note that I will only sell breeder quality kittens as breeders and will only sell to well-established TICA-registered catteries.)

F2 Female "Ruby" - Homed!

Update April 18th - Ruby has found her forever home and we're thrilled for her!

Update: November 11, 2018

We currently have two female F2 kittens out of Noel and Odin. Both kittens are under evaluation. One may become available as a pet in the coming weeks.

Ruby and Stella

F2 boy "Cassini" - Homed!

Born September 13th

Noel and Odin's son 'Cassini' has a cool golden coat and lovely dark features. He also has amazing ears and wonderfully long legs. Best of all, he's very affectionate with humans and other cats!

Cassini, week 14

Cassini, week 10

Cassini, week 6

Cassini, week 2

F2 boy "Leo" - Homed!

Born September 13th.

Noel and Odin's son 'Leo' has a warm golden coat and his father's striking face.

Leo, week 10

Leo, week 6

Leo, week 2

F2 kitten Kai - Homed!

Noel and Jet's kitten 'Kai' (rhymes with guy) was born at 6:22pm on January 30, 2017!

He's a big, talkative kitten with a nice contrasty coat and a cute, short tail. It's hard to find silver F2 kittens and even harder to find them with such strong black spotting. We adore this beautiful, friendly, playful boy. We know he will make an impressive and loving pet. Just like his parents he has really nice, upright ears, long legs, and a long body.

Kai, week 8

Kai, week 6

Kai, week 4

Kai, week 2

F3 kitten Winnie - Homed!

Ivy and Odin's kitten 'Winnie' was born at 12:58pm on May 21, 2016.

Winnie, week 12

Winnie, week 10

Winnie, week 7

Winnie, week 4

Winnie, week 1