The Adoption Process

The typical process for buying a kitten involves completing the pre-adoption questionnaire and getting to know each other over the phone. If you and your home sound like a good fit and you are ok with the price I will send you a contract. This will contain the specific terms of the purchase agreement including instances of refunds. You can look over and sign it if you decide to commit to the kitten. At that time a deposit will be required for the kitten. This should be in the form of a mailed check. Please email or mail the signed contract to me. Once this process is complete the kitten will be held for you. When the kitten is old enough to go home with you (typically around 12-14 weeks of age), it is desired that you come to us to pick him up and pay the rest of the fee. If not paying the rest in cash please pay rest of payment by check prior to kitten pick up so that it is clear the money has transferred. Kitten must be paid for in full at time of pick up. I will send you home with samples of the kitten's food and litter to ease transition. If your kitten is sold with breeding rights, I will also provide you with the kitten's blue slip from TICA, which allows you to register your kitten. If your kitten is purchased as a pet, I will provide you with the kitten's blue slip upon proof of spay or neuter. Lastly, you will be sent home with the kitten's vaccination record. Kittens will be up to date with vaccinations. Please bring a carrier with you so you have a safe way to transport your kitten home. Kittens will not be released to you without a carrier.

To fill out the pre-adoption questionnaire, click here

Odin and Ivy in the cat tree