IvyF2 Savannah Queen


Ivy is my long-legged F2 beauty from Jennifer Gray at FusionKatz. She often saunters up to anyone who will pay attention to her and beg for some petting. She also gives sweet little licks and headbutts. When I nap, she is eager to nap on me. She stole my boyfriend's heart long ago. I laugh because he was not thrilled about me buying another queen, but once Ivy came home there were no complaints from him. She's also a rather brave kitty, which can be endearing. For example, when she was a little kitten she'd run up to my 20-pound F2 boy, nibble his tail, and then come running to hide behind me in case he retaliated. This amused me to no end. She always "started drama" and wasn't sure how to get herself out of the predicament she'd created. By no means do I ever find this girl boring.

Ivy has very long legs and body making her look quite graceful. This is a very desired trait in Savannahs and one often lost when it comes to the lower generations. I felt very honored to have gotten her because she has this great physique that breeders often refer to as "type". In addition, she has large ears, lovely hooded eyes, a black nose with tearstains, and black spotting on a golden coat. I'm hoping that she will produce some lovely, typey F3 kittens for us.

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Sire: Summerwood Coyote of Fusionkatz
Dam: Fusionkatz Cheetah Girl