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Noel is my very affectionate silver F1 from Shannon Kiley at Pawstruk. Noel's enthusiasm for me when I enter a room is quite endearing. She often stares at me for a moment, lets out an excited meow and then runs over to me. She then rubs against my legs, hands, and head, if I let her. She is by far our most playful girl, trying to get all the cats to play with her, even if they don't reciprocate the enthusiasm.

She has a beautifully long body, nicely set large ears, and a nearly tarnish free silver coat with dark grey and black spotting. Her spotting goes clear down to the tips of her toes! We are hoping for some silver F2 kittens from her.

Producing silver F1s, like Noel, is challenging because one has to find a female domestic tabby, Bengal, Mau, or lower generation Savannah that carries the silver gene and breed it to a serval. The serval has to be not overly aggressive and have interest in breeding with that silver cat. From what I hear servals can be rather selective in which non-serval cats they will breed with. Then this cat has to be able to carry these larger kittens to term. Quite often F1 kittens are born prematurely, again making their success at existence and survival more risky. F1s are expensive to produce because of these complications. In regards to the silver F1 females, it's further complicated because you want one with little tarnish and good breed standards. If such a cat pops up in a breeding program, quite often the cattery keeps this kitten for themselves. To date I know of seven catteries in the U.S. with F1 silver females (excluding us). There may be even more that I am unaware of, but the general idea I'm trying to convey is that F1 silver females are rare and I am so very happy with my sweet Noel.

Noel's mother was a silver Bengal and therefore we will be conscious to not breed her to a male carrying Bengal traits. We were informed that in her Bengal background the cats were not known to have rosettes, pelted coats, or glitter. This is good news, meaning these typical Bengal traits are less likely to be passed on to her offspring. We are striving for her F2 kittens to have very Savannah traits.

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Sire: Tajiri Secret Riches of Pawstruk
Dam: Pawstruk Rumor Has It