JetF7 SBT Savannah Stud


Jet is our lanky F7 SBT boy from Kelly Sheppard at Wyldthingz. He is quite the lover-boy, purring and running over to greet me when I come home. When he jumps on my lap he loves to be pet profusely. He does not seem to tire from my attention. I couldn't be happier with his temperament.

As for his looks, he has amazing savannah "type", meaning that he has a long body and long legs. This is a challenging thing to find in stud cats and this boy has it! In addition, beneath his sultry black coat he has nice spotting (try to find it in his kitten photos!). I am also really pleased with his ear set, hooded eyes, and black nose. This boy has the whole package and makes a great contribution to our program.

I'm hoping that he will produce some lovely, typey F2 and F3 kittens for us. Both of my queens are not carriers for the melanistic gene, therefore all of Jet's offspring should be golden spotted tabbies or silver spotted tabbies. All kittens will carry the gene for a black coat, but none will have one.

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Jet's Kitten Photos

Jet's Parents

Sire: Wyldthingz Zakwani of Kirembo
Dam: Wyldthingz Lil'Bird